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Safety: Personal Protective Equipment That Keeps Hands Clean

Workers in a variety of industries, from professional cleaning to construction, should wear protective hand gear (gloves) when performing their duties. Hand injuries are the second most common work-related injury and wearing the proper gloves can help prevent the following: 1. Lacerations to the skin (cuts, scratches, gashes, etc.) 2. Chemicals contacting or seeping through the skin 3. Abrasions (serious… >


Overall Impact of Cold and Flu: * 189 million school days are missed annually to cold and flu * 150 million working days are lost to American businesses due to cold and flu * 40% of the lost work was due to common cold * Work days lost to cold and flu cost the American economy 20 billion per year * Americans spend 2.9 billion on over-the- counter remedies * Cost of going to work ill (presentism) in… >

Clorox’s Disinfecting Wipes Named an Innovative Cleaning Product

Clorox Professional Products Company has announced that its Disinfecting Wipes won a 2015 ISSA Innovation Award in the Cleaning Agents category at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America 2015 trade show held in Las Vegas last week. The annual ISSA Innovation Award program provides the cleaning industry the opportunity to determine the industry’s most innovative products and services. For the past few… >