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Apex has partnered with a corporate wellness firm ( ) to create a team approach to wellness. Over the next several months we are setting goals to help maximize potential in 3 key areas Health, Fitness & Mental Attitude. This is how we will change "my" life.

Our bigger goal is to Change A Life. By sponsoring us through this process we will be able to work as a team to support Naperville Responds For Veterans (

Their mission is as follows:

The organization assists Veterans and their families in need, especially those with low to moderate income, by raising money, building materials and professional labor, and coordinating the process of repairing, building and donating homes. Naperville Responds For Our Veterans is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that provides services to Veterans in need or those in crisis.

In addition to the money we raise we (Apex) will be joining with the Naperville Responds for Veterans organization to help on site this summer cleaning, repairing or renovating veterans home. You would be shocked at the size and scope of this need. So many families are suffering but usually due to pride, are unwilling to ask for help.

Please help us achieve our goal. Your sponsorship will encourage us through this process. You donation will encourage, empower and give a veteran a fresh start on life.

100% of all donations will go to Naperville Responds to Veterans a 501(c) 3 organization.

Help spread the word!